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On board Whale watching

Almost 100 km from Puerto Madryn, on a beach in the town of Puerto Pirámides, we climb on board to navigate the Golfo Nuevo (New Gulf). The objective is to get as close as possible: even though our vessel is faster than the whales, we never force an approach; rather, we respect the whales’ wishes.

Each whale watch is one-of-a-kind and unrepeatable, which is why we cannot anticipate what sort of an encounter we will have: these cetaceans are in their natural habitat and in absolute freedom! What we can say for sure is that along the coast of Península Valdés, there are more whales to watch than in any other part of the world. This means that we will always see one or more whales.

Our boats

Catamarán “Pinino VII”: Especially, designed for whale watching.

  • Unsinkable
  • 15 m long; 7 m wide. The largest boat in which to sail around the Gulf, with capacity for up to 70 passengers
  • Four 4-stroke HONDA engines, all outboard
  • Ample space on deck (no other whale watching vessel in the Gulf has as much space). This is important not only for the passengers’ comfort on board when walking around, but also when sitting down (there is over a meter’s distance between a passenger’s knees and the seat in front of him/her)
  • Exceptional Stability: the vessel allows for 100% of the passengers to watch whales from the same side of the boat, without compromising safety; our passengers are not expected to balance the vessel. The “Pinino VII” is the only vessel in Península Valdés boasting this feature
  • Different angles and levels (of height), from which to observe, photograph and film the whales
  • Many fittings to hold on to during whale watching sessions when there is a considerable swell
  • A head (marine washroom in nautical terms)

Features of Semi rigid boat "Gudeñak"

  • Able to carry up to 60 passengers (crew included)
  • Three 4-stroke HONDA engines all outboard
  • Modern and fast vessel which allows passengers enjoy the adventure and the unequalled feeling of a whale watch at water level

Features of Semi rigid boat "Maruca"

  • Able to carry up to 12 passengers (crew included)
  • 4-stroke YAMAHA outboard engine 115 HP
  • Can be programmed for special outings, such as "Sunset", or private groups.

These services have a higher rate for their limited capacity and unusual hours, and they are subject to demand. For further information, click here.

Those customers who do not speak the Spanish language will find a very thorough written overview posted on our office walls (for now in English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese) of the main information the guide on board will be providing. Even though at the precise moment of watching the whales, the language spoken on board becomes less important, our guide will provide certain information in English, although this will not be a simultaneous translation of what is spoken in Spanish. This, along with the abovementioned written overview, leaves our customers feeling well-informed. Except for very rare occasions, the vessel’s crew has a basic understanding of the English language.

 The sailing lasts for 1 hour and a half. Check-in time is 30 minutes prior to departure time.

We provide life jackets (use is mandatory) and waterproof capes (for those rare rainy days). The catamaran “Pinino VII” has 3 life rafts.

In accordance with the regulations currently in force, we have a passenger insurance policy covering the boat trip at all times, as well as pre-and post-embarkation.


We focus on the expectations of our customers and respect their travelling schedules (we believe that visitors should be able to visit all activities that a realistic itinerary makes possible without having to endure unnecessary or disrespectful delays, due to slack service providers for tourists). We conceive that by having quality service as our “compass”, we provide our customers with the best value for their money: we know – having proved this – that afterwards you will recommend us with no qualms

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Other services on board

  • MARINE WILDLIFE VIEWING (during January, February and March)

We strongly recommend that on the day before the whale watching trip, you call our office in Puerto Pirámides (see right) – or even better, drop by if you happen to be in town – in order to find out about the weather forecast for the following day and the availability according to the timetable.

Except for whale watching trips during the whole of October (the month when demand is greatest) and during the first week of November, you can make your booking by phone from Puerto Madryn as late as the afternoon before your trip to Puerto Pirámides or, once there, showing the very same day on which you’ll be joining one of the several daily outings. Reservations will be considered only after a previous deposit of ticket’s total amount.

NOTE: There are two long weekends during the whole season, for which it is very important that you book your ticket over two (2) months in advance: the most “critical” is the Columbus Day long weekend (october 12) and the long weekend in honour of Argentina’s liberator José de San Martín (August 17). It may be wise to also keep these facts in mind regarding your accommodation (see YOUR STAY)

Opening Hours:

  • 9 am to 5 pm (on days with whale watches scheduled for “Sunset” trips, opening hours are extended to 8 pm)
  • Address: “Primera Bajada al Mar”
  • Tel: (0280) 4495015
  • Email: info@whalesargentina.com.ar

Come and taste the vast Freedom of Atlantic Patagonia and climb aboard this Whale Watching Adventure. Tuning into nature makes for a truly exhilirating travel experience.

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