Integrated Company Policies

Whales Argentina is a company that offers boat trips for the sight and interpretation of marine wildlife. 

Our main concern at Whales Argentina is the safety of all people, whether they are potential clients, passengers or people working at the company. We promote a sustainable use of all resources to lower any possible damage to the environment while assuring the highest quality standards and service efficiency towards our client’s satisfaction.


In order to achieve this we compromise to: 

  1. Train and qualify our staff so they can reach maximum efficiency in all levels, promoting a sense of responsibility towards safety, the environment and quality of service.
  2. Elaborate plans to reach the maximum level of safety both on board and around the boat’s operations area, so we can identify and prevent risk of accidents, damage or contamination, applying safety practices throughout all operations in the work area, as well as training our staff to manage and control any emergency situations that may arise.
  3. Reach the highest level within the activities that the company carries out, keeping a constant improvement program on safety operations and environment protection. 
  4. Minimize water, energy and material consumption, reduce waste production and inform our clients on environmental care and promote awareness about the problem of climate change.
  5. Promote a constant betterment of quality, security and environmental care, keeping up on achieved certifications and distinctions to ensure excellency on our service.
  6. Commit to all client requirements as well as legal requirements and regulations.
  7. Provide universal accessibility on all our services, including legal compliance to aid and guide dogs (National Law Nº 26.858).
  8. Ensure all staff, providers, clients and other interested parties on prevention and elimination of all acts of discrimination, gender violence, work violence and any practice that may attempt on a person’s dignity.


Non smoking law – National Law Nº 26.687


The company is aware of the damage caused by addiction to smoking as shown in studies and records, both for the people practicing this habit as for the ones that do not, as they are affected from air pollution, specially in enclosed spaces, becoming passive smokers which may lead to illness, affecting physical ability and life itself.

Also, in given conditions the act of smoking is a possible cause of fire, constituting an unacceptable risk for the boat, goods and the people on board, as well as environmental pollution. 

In order to avoid these risks, as head of the company I decree:


  1. Prohibition of smoking to every person on board of the company’s boats, whether it be a passenger, crew or a person developing a task.
  2. Prohibition of smoking inside company’s offices and shops, to all personnel as well as any person who has access to them.


Drugs and Alcohol policies according to National Law Nº 24.788 and Town Regulation Nº 2-11 DPSN.

Within the company’s policies on safety and environmental protection, the company has assumed responsibility towards its staff and humanity. The following policies extend this responsibility to society in general and the family environment in particular. Tabaquism, alcoholism and drug addiction damage our society, the family and the individual person.

In order to avoid all mentioned risks, as head of the company I decree:


  1. Prohibition of inadequate use of authorized drugs without medical supervision and the use, keeping, distribution or sale of any unauthorized drugs and alcoholic beverages.
  2. Formulate guidelines to educate all people working at the company on issues related to inadequate use of drugs and alcohol. 


Biosafety Policy

In order to mitigate the possible risks of contagion and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and its mutations, we protect the health of workers and clients of Whales Argentina SRL, through compliance with health prevention measures and care guidelines.

Thus contributing to the reactivation and continuity of tourist activity, environmental preservation and the care of public health in general.


Notification for use of Prescribed Medicine.

In relation to Company Policies all personnel, both embarked and land crew, must be notified of the following:


  1. To not self medicate.
  2. To avoid inadequate use of medication sold without prescription.
  3. In case of taking prescribed medication, must inform and register in Office’s Daily Journal and on staff’s calendar; also must inform possible side effects in order to properly organize personnel’s activities for that day and the following.
  4. The company does not provide medicine to any users or staff.
  5. Each own medication must be well kept by the user and under no circumstance will be kept in the company’s first aid kit, both on land premises or on board. 




The commitment expressed on these policies takes place through the participation of every person in this organization, who has been given the information and assistance required on this behalf.

The company’s management, fully and thoroughly committed to this integrated company policy of quality, safety and environment promotes its communication so it is known and understood by all personnel and interested parties. It is a compulsory engagement to the entire company.


Version 4 – September 2022

Embarcarse para ver ballenas y ballenatos en la libertad e inmensidad de la Patagonia Atlántica, es una aventura de viaje emocionante y de comunión con la Naturaleza.

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