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Dear Travellers:

We would like to welcome all travellers wishing to experience the unique adventure of contemplating the majestic Southern Right Whale, from a boat in the Patagonian Sea.

We believe that the landscape provided by our Patagonian coastline, creates an added charm to your encounter with the whales.

The idea is to share with you the spirit and the emotions that this generous expression of Mother Nature awakes in people of all ages. We wish to bring people closer to the whales: our track record and “personal touch” will do the rest in creating an unforgettable memory.

The content of our web site is intended to provide you with the focus that our company – Whales Argentina – projects, regarding the experience of whale watching in Península Valdés. Travellers from abroad particularly, will find useful information that goes beyond our core service.

After this digital navigation, you’ll be ready for the marine version: guaranteed!

Capitán Pinino
Leader of the Whales Argentina Team
Puerto Pirámides, Chubut, Patagonia Argentina

Capitán Pinino

(Co-creator of the Patagonian Whale-Watching technique)

“…He recognizes individual whales, he welcomes them each season; he knows by intuition the limits of confidence and he stops the engine of the boat and allows the wind and the currents to propel it. The cries, the passenger’s amazement when face to face with the spectacular breathing, confirm his previous conviction, as if it were destiny’s brief smile.”

Alfredo Lichter, in his book “Invisible Geography of Península Valdés” Published by EcoCentro Puerto Madryn mar@ecocentro.org.ar


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Come and taste the vast Freedom of Atlantic Patagonia and climb aboard this Whale Watching Adventure. Tuning into nature makes for a truly exhilirating travel experience.

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